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Restaurant owners want to make the most of your kitchen’s capacity without shaking up your daily routine. Epic Synergies is the answer! Our super-simple virtual restaurant solution lets you make up to $1,000,000 in incremental revenues from your existing kitchen with barely a ripple in your day-to-day operations. No startup costs and no headaches. We provide everything, including trendy food brands endorsed by big-name influencers. Just cook using our recipes, let UberEats handle delivery and watch orders roll in thanks to influencer buzz. Start now and secure your exclusive delivery area.


Content Creators, Cook Up a Flavorful Fortune! 📸🌟

Content Creators, unlock a savory path to steady income by transforming your audience into avid food enthusiasts! Partner with Epic Synergies to cultivate a food brand that’s seasoned with your essence. Your charismatic influence guides the way, while we master the kitchen craft. Together, let’s build a thriving legacy!🍔🍰


The EPIC Triple Threat 🤝

Epic Synergies is your passport to a world of limitless possibilities. We take the reins on technology, branding, marketing, finance and procurement – so you can focus on what you do best. Our quest? To spice up food delivery by marrying phenomenal creators with masterful chefs. As one family, we’re set to stir up sheer awesomeness. Reach out, and let’s fire up the burners of triumph together! 🎇🎆

Global Waves, Local Kitchens

Epic Synergies is igniting Australia's culinary revolution! Inspired by global sensations like Liquid Death and MrBeast Burgers, we're fusing international trends with Aussie flair to craft iconic brands. Eager to make your kitchen sizzle? Can't wait to launch your own brand? Join forces with Epic Synergies!

Savour a Sneak Peek of the Brands Baking to Perfection!

Green Bean Salads

Green Bean Salads

Lush, nourishing, and sublimely fresh - meet Green Bean Salads, the zenith of salad excellence. Relish the magic of high-quality toppings, artisan dressings, and delicious indoor-grown leaves - 100% pesticides free. 



DiamondDough is transmuting classic pizzas into treasures that families, especially those with young adventurers, can’t resist. With a discerning eye on nutrition, we’ve taken the art of pizza-making and spliced in a dash of wholesomeness. 



GameBites is a fast-food power-up for gamers and hungry young adults. Our menu features lip-smacking chicken wings and bite-sized sides, cleverly crafted to provide delectable energy without the drag.

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Epic Synergies is your golden ticket to boundless opportunities. Ready to turn up the heat? Get in touch, and let’s cook up a storm of success together! 🎇🎉

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